About me


I’m a 26 years old DJ/Producer from Neuchâtel. I started doing music at the age of 18, in Oxford UK, where I played my first gigs on stage.

In 2009, I created a pop-rock band in Switzerland, called I’m an Elephant. We won the “New Talent Contest” for the Caprices Festival in 2010 and were able to play our first concert there. We then went on to play many gigs for two years. We split in 2011.

In 2013, I started DJing and fell in love with electro music. I was releasing monthly one or two hours set and grew a nice fanbase all over the world. I released a few deep house tracks.

In 2016, I created a new pop-rock band called Simple Society and released a new song, called “Oh Johnny”.

In August 2016, I fell down a stage and broke my left leg. Being bored to death at the hospital, I started working on dance music song, and released my first pop-dance song, called “Because of You”. People around me were actually enjoying the song, so it got me to record a second song, called “Blind”. For the music video, I recorded my friends lip-sycing and the result was actually pretty neat.

In November 2016, I released my third song, called “My worst mistake was you”. The song has been picked up by RTN.ch, the local radio and aired all through December.

In December 2016, I released my fourth song, called “Watch me Fall”, which was released in exclusivity on RTN.ch, who invited me on the air to present the song.

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