Electro Trash 1 Hour Mix

Electro music is like a drug, the more you listen to it, the more you need. You start with house, then you need something a bit heavier, you try Deep, Tech, Progressive House, then you try Electro House, and then you arrive at your final destination: ELECTRO TRASH.

I call this style “electro trash”, not sure if it’s the right definition. It’s a small pretty unpopular niche of Electro House. I really love electro house, but I feel like this a level above, regarding the violence and intensity.  I feel so good while mixing this shit! Seriously, it doesn’t really get more violent than this.

It’s a one hour mix, but if features 30 songs, so you won’t get bored. Mixed completely on the fly with a few friends around in a studio.

Get your fix, click play, now.

Click the power button below to download my mix!

Téléchargez le mix en pressant sur le bouton Power ci-dessous!


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